Subscription info

If you are an entrepreneur, an administrator or professional a working in the Italian construction sector firms, now can join Prevedi to create your own supplementary pension. Here is why it is really convenient.

Immediate tax benefit

Subscribing to Prevedi you can benefit from a tax break on the contribution you pay into your individual Prevedi account.

The tax break is equal to the marginal rate (comprehensive of regional and municipal additional charges) on your income; so, the tax break would be at least 24.5% (considering the lowest Irpef rate).

Extremely low costs

Prevedi annual subscription fee is only 15 euros. Compare Prevedi with other pension funds and discover which is the most convenient: Prevedi fears no comparison


Free deposit

No constraints on deposits. You can freely decide if, when and how much you would like to pay into your Prevedi individual account. All you have to do is fill in the specific form.

Prevedi will do the rest of the duties!

Direct and customized consultancy

A direct and customized consultancy to the members is our strong point. At the same time, it is what differentiate Prevedi from others supplementary pension schemes too, as it is completely free.

Prevedi is, in fact, a non-profit organization.

More about "tax break"

As we have seen before, what you pay into your Prevedi individual position can be deducted.
Subscribing to Prevedi you can benefit from a tax break from a minimum 24,5% to a maximum 39%.

Here are two examples
Gross annual income Annual contribution to Prevedi Annual tax break 25 years cumulative tax break
50.000 € 5.000 € 39,5% - 1.975 € 49.375 €
100.000 € 5.000 € 44,5% - 2.225 € 55.625 €