Subscription info

Dear construction worker, if you have come this far, then you already know that your work contract sets aside a contractual contribution into your Prevedi individual account, at the exclusively expense of your employer.

You also know that – in addition to the contractual contribution - if you choose to contribute to Prevedi another 1% of your gross monthly wage at your expense, you will gain an additional contribution at the expense of the employer (as before, in the amount of 1% of the gross monthly wage).

Finally, you know how remarkable the tax benefits of Prevedi really are! Complete-contribution to Prevedi is really convenient.
So, don’t give away this chance, fill in the complete-subscription form, either in hard copy or through the on-line form!

Hard copy subscription process
How to subscribe

Step 1

Download and print the complete-subscription form, clicking here: Form

Step 2

Fill in the form, choosing among the different contribution and investment options, after having carefully read the Statute and the Fact Sheet (Nota Informativa).
Click here: Statute

Step 3

Send the original of your complete-subscription form to Prevedi and a copy to your Cassa Edile, that will activate the contribution procedure with your employer.

Step 4

If your employer is not registered to any Cassa Edile because it only hires employees, send the original to Prevedi and a copy to your employer for activating the contribution procedure.

On-line subscription process
If you prefer to fill in the complete-subscription form on-line, click on the following link