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Operational guidelines on membership and contribution to Expect contract with the official handbook of the Social Partners

The Social Partners have provided, through the National Commission for the Construction Funds (CNCE), the operating handbook for the contractual contribution to Expect and Cooperlavoro providing response to numerous requests received about. The handbook also contains the official tables of the social partners with the contributions from the contract, which confirm those already processed by the Fund for the Negotiable Expect Construction-Construction-industry and handicrafts with the only difference of worker 5th level of the Negotiable Construction-craft , whose value is equal to 0.0821 instead of 0.0822 zone (difference from rounding) and also add the value of the subsidy contract for other figures such as janitors, guards, porters, bellboys ushers, attendants and apprentices. The handbook also states that for workers paid by the hour the monthly contribution shall be rounded off to units of euro and that for part-time employees the monthly contribution should be reduced in proportion to working hours. Attached operational guidelines of the Fund with specific reference to companies with employees only, full of that handbook of social partners.

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