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Welcome to workers and employers operating in the National Labor Contract Construction-Confimi


On 7 June 2016 the Parties signatories of the National “Confimi Construction” Labor Contract ( Aniem - Anier and Feneal - UIL , Filca - CISL , CGIL - Fillea ) designated Prevedi as national reference Pension Fund for that Contract.


On 25 July 2016 Prevedi’s Statute accepted the new Contract, adding it to “Artisan-Construction” and to “Industry-Construction” national labor contracts: therefore Prevedi says welcome to all workers and employers operating in National Confimi-Construction Labor Contract.
Prevedi’s President, Lanfranco Vari, declares : " The inclusion in Prevedi of "Confimi Construction" national labor contract, represents another important step in the strengthening of construction industry’s supplementary pensions ".
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