Contribution options

Members may choose among many kinds of contribution. That choice can be modified later.

Contribution for employees (wage earners)

In addition to the compulsory contractual dues, a member may choose to contribute to Prevedi another 1% of the gross monthly wage at its own expense, so obtaining the gain of an additional contribution at the expense of the employer (as before, in the amount of 1% of the gross monthly wage). Moreover, the member has the possibility of deciding whether depositing its monthly severance indemnity or not.

For example, if an employee earns € 2,000 (gross) per month, in addition to the compulsory contractual contribution, he could pay into his individual Prevedi account further € 20 (1% of his gross wage), so obtaining other € 20 from his employer; this is actually a 100% return of what has been paid to Prevedi. Don’t miss it! Finally, it must be underlined again that members may vary that choice later, suspending the 1% contribution (the compulsory contractual dues would be paid anyway).

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Contribution for entrepreneurs and administrators of the construction sector firms, dependent relatives and professionals

Dal 2015 anche gli imprenditori edili, gli amministratori delle imprese edili e i loro familiari e professionisti collaboratori possono iscriversi a Prevedi e godere dei benefici offerti dal Fondo per crearsi una pensione integrativa. Per tali categorie la misura della contribuzione viene scelta liberamente dall’interessato che dovrà solo comunicare all’indirizzo e-mail del Fondo l’importo che intende versare e quando vuole versarlo. A tutto il resto provvederà Prevedi!

Since 1st of January, 2015, entrepreneurs and administrators of the construction sector firms, their professional partners and a member’s dependent relatives have the chance of joining Prevedi and create their supplementary pensions on their own, in a very cheap way. Those kinds of members choose the extent of their contribution themselves: all they have to do is communicating to Prevedi the sum they would like to pay into their individual positions, Prevedi will do the rest of the duties!

For a detailed list of the non-wage earner potential members, please look at article 5, paragraph 1, letters g), h), i) and l) of Prevedi Statute, clicking here: