A Complete-contribution membership in Prevedi is Convenient because

1 Increase your wage by 1%

  • In addition to the compulsory contractual dues, a member may choose to contribute to Prevedi another 1% of the gross monthly wage at its own expense, so obtaining the gain of an additional contribution at the expense of the employer (as before, in the amount of 1% of the gross monthly wage).

    For example, if you are a 3rd grade worker with a € 20,000 (gross) yearly income, in addition to the compulsory contractual contribution (€ 125), you could pay into your Prevedi account further € 200 to get other € 200 from your employer. Therefore, the annual contribution would be: € 200 at your own expense plus € 325 at the expense of your employer!

    As regards the monthly severance indemnity, you can freely decide whether depositing it or not.

2 Reduce the tax burden on your wage

  • Contributions to Prevedi, including those paid by workers, provide great savings on your payslip; indeed, they are tax-exempt up to € 5,654.57, annual limit.

    Moreover, any settlement or advance on your individual account benefits from a tax break (being taxed between a minimum 9% to a maximum 23%), in relation to the revenue taxed directly in your payslip (between a minimum 9% to a maximum 23%).

    PFor further information about the tax break on your Prevedi account, click here:

    Tax benefit example arising from a membership in Prevedi

3 You can increase your wage through the € 80 worth “Renzi Bonus”

  • Any wage earner with an annual income lower than € 24,000 can benefit from the monthly € 80 worth “Renzi Bonus” (€ 960 yearly); the contributions paid into your individual Prevedi account help you getting that Bonus, because they reduce your annual income in order to accomplish with the limits provided for by the law.

    Esempio: Se hai un reddito complessivo pari a € 25.000 non hai diritto al bonus Renzi di 960 euro annui (cioè 80 euro mensili in busta paga): versando 1.000 euro annui al Fondo Prevedi riduci il reddito a 24.000 euro e quindi ottieni il bonus di 960 euro!

    For example, if you have a € 25,000 annual income, you are not entitled to benefit from the “Renzi Bonus”. Nevertheless, paying € 1,000 into your Prevedi account, you will reach the supra-mentioned limit of € 24,000; therefore, that contribution will allow you getting the € 960 “Renzi Bonus”!

    Furthermore, in that way you will save € 270 too (27% tax break on Prevedi contribution). In a nutshell, paying € 1,000 into your Prevedi account, you will obtain a € 1,230 tax break!

4 INPS Guarantee Fund protects you

  • If the firm you are working for goes bankrupt, you can access to the INPS Guarantee Fund, which will pay into your Prevedi account the contributions withheld but not paid by your employer.

    PFor further information about INPS Guarantee Fund, click here:

    INPS guarantee fund

5 Double the EDILCARD indemnities

6 Your supplementary pension is very cheap

  • Prevedi is a no-profit organization. Limited to 2015, no subscription-fee will be applied. Starting from 2016, subscription-fee will be only 15 euros!

7 Participate in Prevedi’s life!

  • Association gives you the right to vote your own representatives in the pension fund bodies (Assembly, Board of directors), thus participating in the administration and management of Prevedi.